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will blow up. and it goes up. >> great show and that is it for the cost of frodom. have a great weekend. hello everybody. i am uma in washington. severe weather underway in new york city at this time. word from the fox news extreme weather center all five burroughs are under a tornado watch. the warnings expired but we are told there is possible damage from queens county. all five are under a tornado watch. we'll keep you posted with that . turning now to politicings it
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is crunch time for the cand dates. president obama and mitt romney are neck and neck and both back in battle ground states. mitt romney is setting his sights on virginia. we'll have live coverage . edhenry is travel the president and karl cameron covering mitt romney. ed is in seminole, florida. >> great to see you, we are not two months out . final sprint. and we see both of the candidates criss crossing the same battle grounds. mitt romney went to iowa and new hampshire where they are trying to get a post convention bounce. president in st. pete area where mitt romney had his convention. bottom line, florida has a mother load of electoral votes. 29 of them.
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this is why the president -- >> all we have to offer is the same prescription they had for 30 years. tax cuttings, tax cuts. and got a few regulation and more tax cuts. and tax cuts when times are good and tax cuts when times are bad and tax cut to help you lose extra pound and tax cut to help your love life. and you hear that. they are going after mitt romney on the issue of tax cuts. the president is trying to make the case there is a clear choice in the election on the economy and medicare which is big to senior citizens and he believe in the future . there is a major choice than what the other said wants o do. the they are talking about the president's record. the weak jobs report and that
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may be hard to back up columbine-- biden's claim that we turned the corner. >> keep us updated. karl, the governor is focusing on virge at this time. what can you tell us in >> (no audio) absolutely. virginia is very, very important. mr. romney spent the night in boston belmont, massachusetts where he has a home . last night in new hampshire for a big rally. several thousand people and come back team and turn around team . believe in america banners and slogans here in full force and a feisty crowd. and today he will go down to virginia beach and he will
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take in a nascar race in richmond. it is not the president's proposal for a choice of candidates. he argued that any time a incumbent is up for reelection it is a record of that. >> and we'll hear for the remainder of the week all going after the obama record and the president's inability to turn the economy around. when it comes to who has the best ideas. mitt romney has the edge. but likeability the president has the edge. mr. romney will pick apart those issues. he will be concentrating his campaign efforts. and upon romney isolated eight spectacular states. virginia is key and new hampshire is key and later
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today, tomorrow and he will go to nevada and on for a big speech that he will give on september 11th and stop in ohio along the way. all state that is republicans lost to obama when mccain was the president and romney needs to win. that's how he will spend the last 59 days there. will be a lot of fund raising. the cost of the ads is hundreds of millions was dollars and romney will fill his schedule with fundraisers every other day to make sure he can outspend the president. barack obama and joe biden boasted they would raise a billion and they are trailing mitt romney in the fund raising, romney hasn't been able to spend until he got the nomination and that happened and now comes the gop checkbook and they are going to the air waves high. and thank you very much.
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>> i know how to get the private sector to create 12 million new jobbings. >> if the republicans are serious we could create a million new jobs right now if congress would pass the jobs plann that i sent to them a year ago. >> mr. obama reaffirming his belief that the economy recovery will not be quick or easy. latest unemployment numbers are showing it stands at 8.1 percent and that is down because more people have begin up on the job search. the job forecast could have a big impact in the presidential sweep states. governor romney is hammering the came tain showing that the in addition is going in the wrong direction. joining us now thoughts and
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impact on the week outlook. and allancombs author of the book thank the liberals and monica frowly author of what the bleep just happened. >> great to you here. >> monica. these numbers are time anybody tries to pin down the white house or president are americans better off four now than four years ago. they say we need more time and change is coming. doesn't the president need more spectaculars on creating jobs? >> i find it ironic what you hear from president obama and his campaign team, is that governor romney and paul ryan haven't offered specifics. they have offered extensive plans and reigning in the size of government and regulatory reform and all of the things that president reagan did when
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he came in office and that led to a booming reagan recovery. and the irony is, and part of the progestion from the obama team. they don't have real vision or new policiless beyond what we are subjected to that led to >> alan, democrats have to be concerned. what impact will that be to convince him. >> i think it is status quo. the job numbers didn't change the race. but in the democratic convention yes, we are better off now than four years ago. president said it and bill clinton said it and he inherited a loss of 750,000 jobs a month and now 30 months of job creation and terms of spec fiscs.
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it is mitt romney and ryan that are nonspecific. but romney hasn't said what he would do. moody's said million jobs created over the next four or eight years. romney didn't say how he would create one job. >> that is absolutely not true. in his speech he gave a five-point plan and put a 50 point plan and paul ryan laid out specific ways of getting the economy again . all about unleashing the private sector and doing opposite of what president obama and democrats have done. >> what he want to do go back to what was done with bush as president. that did not create jobs. we are at their job rates. >> you are wrong.
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allen. please let me finish. we are going back and lowering taxes show it is not a job creator. >> that is just not true. >> we can't pay the bills. >> let me correct something. when president bush signed two waves of tax cuts in 2001 and 3 with bipartisan support in the congress. that led to job creation and economic growth. before that. both republican and democrat presidents who signed major tax relief and cuts starting from jfk to ronald reagan and through george bush and bill clinon who lowered the capitol gains tax rate you see a economic boom. and. and by the way more money in the treasury to pay for your beloved social programs. >> ronald reagan left us in defy other jobbings.
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why are we losing jobs under the bush tax rate. >> innocent it true that mitt romney has to do more than bash the obama white house . doesn't he have to show he has spectaculars to connect with the voters and families going through a tough market. >> sure, i don't think he is just bashing the president. he's gone out and paul ryan as happy warriors and talking about a pro growth economic message. based on tax reform and entitlement reform and restraining government and reg haatory reform. just what ronald reagan did which led to the most massive economic expansion that the country has seen. there were months we created a million jobs a month. that's what we need to do. spectaculars are put out there by the romney/ryan team.
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they have to articulate it. it is come nothing the debates and election. >> if there is no improvement, do you think the president will have to focus on the social issues ajenna in order to atrack voters. >> no, i think obama will win. he is ahead in the swing states and boils down to nine . mitt romney pulled out advertising in pennsylvania and michigan and he is got to win every one of the other swing state to get the elector votes. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, uma. as we told you earlier, national weather service issued a tornado watch for all of new york city at this hour. maria molina has the latest on the situation. maria, what can you tell us.
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>> good to see you. we are looking at a widespread severe weather outbreak. we saw wind damage and tornados in the midwest. we are talking about possible severe weather and new england and parts of the carolinas. i want to report that we had respects was damage in parts of the new york city including queens and brooklyn and multiple trees and power lines are down . structural damage to the buildings in the queens area. we'll bring you the latest and we currently have tornado watches in affect and severe thunderstorms . a brand new one including in the philadelphia area is issued out while we are live on the air . second thunderstorm watch in affect including syracuse and buffalo new york. and you are dealing with a lot of heavy rain earlier today
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and a tornado watch for the new york city area and further off north in connecticut and extreme southwestern parts of state of massachusetts. this is in affect until 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we have time to go with possible tornadic activity and areas of western connecticut and upstate new york and parts of massachusetts. we want to update you on a tornado warning for fairfield and westchester cone. there being be a tornado on the ground. you have to seek shelter immediately west of the bridge port . we are expecting that from new england down to pars of the carolinas it includes philadelphia and new york city and burlington, new york. large hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornados and topping it off. flash flooding is possible. we have a flash flooding in affect in new york city area. >> that is an amazing thing to think of tornados in new york
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city. we'll have you keep us posted. thanks for the update. >> thanks . the u.s. is announcing it is black listing one of the most encourage groups in afghanistan. the haqqani network is carrying out terrorist attacks and the obama administration desigated them terrorist group. that bans americans from doing business and blocks access to the u.s.. they could create more problems in the alliance with pakistan. >> the white house missed a deadline regarding massive cuts. congress will not see it until late next week. the president signed the sequestration act that requires him to repo to
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congress. it will be implemented on january 2nd less congress passes a law to undo them. >> other suspect in custody. mexican police making the arrest. jesus medga is one of the five men charged with murder. they allowed weapon's trackers and drug cartel to purchase the illegal weapons. the plan was to get the tracking of the guns and many other thann't. one . suspect is on trial in arizona and three more remain at large. >> the number of people at risk of catching a deadly virus in yosemite national park has doubled and includes people from 39 other
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countries. officials extended the warning thatto the park visitorings. all of them who visited in early june and august. five more people are diagnosed and the symptoms are flu like and muscle like and fatigue and abdominal pain and take five weeks to appear. >> take a look at the daring rescue effort. a phoenix man stuck on the roof of his stuck after getting caught in fast-moving nood waters. helicopter was not available. and the man was finally pulled to safety by rescuey ares in a life boat. he passed on a trip to the hospital. >> and shouldn't we protect the right to vote. find out why military ballots could be at an all-time low
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this never and what is not done about it wall street journal making the case that the president has not made his. barack obama overexpose boring and never saying what he's thinking. the peach thursday was weirdly anticlim attic .
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>> look at this. rescuers are searching for survivors after twin earthquakes rocked china. 80 people are dead and thousands of buildings are damaged. more than be you i villagers were evacuated due to after shocks. the death tollis expected to climb. well, we have reported it is a busy campaign weekend. governor mitt romney is campaigning in the swing state of the virginia. he has a rally in virge beach . president obama kicking off a two day bus tour in florida.
9:23 am
it is his third of the campaign . the number two guys on the presidential ticket are pulling their weight. congressman paul ryan fund raising in california . ryan will have a google-like chat from the company headquarters and biden is campaigning in ohio. and tow now that the conventions are over. did either side get the points across and whol get the biggest bump in the polls. larry, great to see you. last week you talked about the republicans and this week the democrats, what is your assessment. you think they will see more of a bounce than the republicans. >> that's what the polls are showing now. republican convention while it
9:24 am
improved mitt romney's personal likeability ratings, it didn't produce a horse race bounce when you ask if the election held today would you vote for romney or obama. there was no improvement in mitt romney's store. since the end of the democrat convention in three polls, there is an average of 3-point bounce for president obama. let me quickly add somebody who studied poll bounces. poll bounce if you get one normally disappears in about two weeks. >> you think that could happen sooner since both conventions were held back to back. >> i do think that that has something to do with it. when you have a second convention on the hills of the first it makes it difficult to
9:25 am
develop. mccain had the second in 2008 and obama had a first . mccain got 6 poigns and obama got four x. i think that the fact that mccain came second increased his bounce. >> against the back drop we have dismal job's report that came out. what impact do you think that will have as both campaigns focus their sights on the general election and gearing up now and setting all efforts toward that end and knowing now from election day it is really jammed. >> yes, well, you have to look at the job's report not as a discreet moment that occurred on friday. ragger, you have two more reports coming and the last one comes on the friday before the tuesday election. comes november 2nd and election is november 6th it is a continuing issue and may be
9:26 am
the last piece of new information that the few remaining and undecided voters get before they go to the polls. maybe it will be a good report and that will help president obama or maybe it will be a bad report and that will help mitt romney. we'll be on the edge of our chairs all the a to the end. that is good news or if you are the nervous sort the bad newings. what with the debates coming up. what do you expect to see? >> it is interesting this year. voters are so dug in. we are down to five percent hard undecided and you can categorize 95 percent of the vote romney or obama and it is really close and within the margin of error. those remaining undecided, my guess is they will split and
9:27 am
you will not have hundred percent of them move nothing one colup. but the maximum is 60 percent. and it may be less than that. and that's why i say. i think it will be a relatively close contest within a point or two in the end. >> wow, we have so much to look forward to and we'll be hanging by the edge of our seat. larry, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just depour years. - four years. not so said a top economic official from the reagan. art explains why clinton and reagan could have turned our
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[♪...] >> welcome back, everybody. with the convention eaver president obama and governor mitt romney are in a sprint to the election. they arolt campaign trail today and if is the bottom of the hour and peter doocy is standing by with more on that and the rest of the headlines. >> president obama just wrapped up his event of a two day bus tour in florida. the state with the highest elderly population and higher than average unemployment rate . mitt romney is getting ready for an rally in virginia. a state with lower than average unemployment. >> official say it was a teenage suicide bomber that blew himself u outside of nato headquarters in the afghan capitol today. the taliban is claiming
9:33 am
responsibility for the attack. the militant said the target was a u.s. intelligence facility nearby. final juror convicted to agree with drew peterson said parts of the case bothers him and troubled by the prosecution reliance on hear say. it was the first in illinois history to allow such evidence. >> it is becoming a youtube sensation. look at nick, he goes in the kitchen one night and this is what he finds. his mom sleep walking or sleep dance discussing special code and the tomato cage. she can't find it. his mother got a wake-up call. she didn't remember a thing. sleep walking mom has five hundred thousand hitos youtube. those are the top stories. back to you. >> what a funny video. i am sure she wants to kill
9:34 am
her son. >> she was a good sport about it. if i was asking about a tomato cage in my sleepp i would want to know. >> we'll remember that next time you are sleep walking, peter, thank you. men and women on the front lines of the battlefield are not in the front lines of the ballot box. military voters registration is nearing an all-time low. molly henningburg is telling why and the impact on the presidential race. >> six republican senators said the defense department efforts to follow the 2009 law to help men and women to vote and request absentee ballots are at best a hollow exercise. the senators say that the law requires the defense department to set up a voters assistance office on every military base. but they cite a new report
9:35 am
from the pentagon's own inspector general said efforts to reach out to those offices fail would 50 percent of the time n a letter to defense secretary panetta, they critize the pentagon for being slow to set them up. when dod began to stand up the offices on installation they located many of them in place that is can be hard to find or else administrative in processes or the base library or chapel . as such most newly, signed serve members and deploying service members have no meaningful opportunity to get necessary voters assistance . that's what congress was trying to get them and clearly intended. senators say the pentagon needs to move fast. and earlier this week. pentagon director of the voting assistance program said there is a reason why attempts
9:36 am
to contact the voting offices failed . >> the contact information that they used to try to establish contact with the installation system voters offices simply was outdated. why was it outdated? in a military environment things change. >> that spokesperson for defense secretary leon panetta tells the washington times that he will respond to the senators directly. uma? >> thank you very much. >> both president obama and governor mitt romney enter the final sprint to election day. governor romney is casting the president as an uneptstewart of the economy. you heard bill clinton saying as the economy was damaged no president could turn things down four years. i spoke to a reagan advisor and said clinton could have and so could reagan.
9:37 am
>> what bill clinton said in the convention is literally true, but comparing obama to w, and president george bush is damning him with faint praise. both presidents were poor presidents and obama has not made things better unfortunately and i am a big fan of bill clinton and ronald reagans and ron aldregan or bill clinton could have brought them back. knuthese two can't. reagan brought the economy back in great growth. we had growth rates 5 and 8 percentage real growth per quarter. and we had that four two or three straight of huge growth. bill clinton was president if you remember there a down turn and then enormous growth under bill clinton. bill clinton and ron aldreagan could have brought us back just the way jack kennedy.
9:38 am
go, go 60s after to first two years of kennedy and then boom, huge expansion. it is just that obama is a fine man but doing bad policy they are not work will not work and i am worried about the country if he remains president. >> and art went on to say if president obama is reelected we'll all feel the pinch in our wallets . >> my guess is if obama is reelected we'll have a huge tax increase on january 2013 and tax magedon . we'll see the bush era tax cuts go away and see all . obama care taxes coming in to place . you will see a bad economy for four years. simply, uma, if you tax people who work. and you pay people who don't work, don't be surprised if you find a lot of the people not working. that's exactly what we have seen for the last four years and if obama is reelected,
9:39 am
that's what we will see in the next four years. i wish romney and ryan would push the growth agend a. they would give us good growth agenda. >> thank you, art for giving his insights and comments in what is a very, very volatile campaign season. all of new york city under a tornado watch. a live update is coming your way next. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> welcome pack a. we have reported that new york city is under a tornado watch and a report of the a possible touchdown of a tornado in queens.
9:44 am
maria has the latest on this storm. maria what can you tell us. >> good to see you. we have reports of a possible tornado impacting queens county in breezy point in new york . respects of trees down and power lines down and damage to structures and also carc moved. we are looking possible tornado touchdown at 11:00 in queens county, new york. we have an ongoing tornado watch in all five burroughs in western parts of connecticut and massachusetts and southeastern part of the state of the the new york. and the area shaded in red is where there is a moderate rick of severe weather . greatest chance of large hail and damaging wind and tornados and includes philadelphia all the way through vermont. it is a large area for the possibility of severe weather. that includes new york city
9:45 am
and up to parts of massachusetts. hat is in effect until 9:00 p.m. time. we see a new tornado watch. and including parts of upstate new york and vermont. there is a success tornado watch issued by the storm prediction center. and two severe thunderstorm watches in effect farther off west and south of that. there is a possibly of severe weather and a frontal system that is producing the severe weather heaviest in upstate new york and heavy rain coming down right now. >> wow, intense weather pattern. thank you very much. and this fox news alert. a watch dog group saying a christian pastor jailed in iran for three years is now free. american center for law and justice reported the news on the website. the iranian paster was
9:46 am
sentenced to death in his native country of iran for his christian faith. >> coming up next, wall street journal columnist will be joining us and her take on president obama's speech. stay with us. don't miss this. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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>> we know we have more work to do and we are not there yet. >> it will make more than a few years to solve challenges that built up over decades. >> we have more work to do and things are getting better whether you fell feel it or not. some are questioning whether it is the best strategy in a time when the country needs an immediate fix. welcome to great to have you here today. >> good to be here with you, uma. in the latest colume you focused on the democrats soft extremism. would you say it is a sharp contrast to the conventions of the past? >> i don't know. there was something a little bit funny in this one. i guess, it didn't feel in a
9:51 am
funny way as robust as some of them have in the past to me. it was like it was a certain air of distracted extremism to a lot of the positions and ideas that were being put forth. i suppose the most obvious example the tussle over god and tussle over the administration's stance on jerusalem. but also i found that putting forward of such figures as sandra fluke in prominent roles to be surprising because her issues seemed maybe not the most directly and urgently perm pertinent of the moment. >> you think the democrats are going to decide play to the base and knew that social issues are something that they can really make head way on
9:52 am
with democrats who support those views? >> yeah, but you know, sometimes people know how they feel about those things. parties stand for big, large issues and sometimes i felt the democrats were slicing it in small and particular things in a funny way. >> we remained a polarized nation. you think the convention republican and democrat only fueled that feel what happens going forward if the campaignings are more divisive. >> i understand what you are saying. you wonder if at the end of the day after the two conventions which blurred into each other. there used to be time between conventions you could watch three or four days and think for a week or two weeks about what you thought and then a new convention and you would judge both guys and watch them closely. i think it might have been a whole two weeksful a blur the
9:53 am
past two conventions you put on one week one side scream the other side is screaming. it is a screaming blur. you wonder if the viewership of the conventions is people who watch, become slightly more polarized or if it is self select those who are watching their team if you will, are already some what polarized. i like convention and when they are about these things and everybody argues and passionately puts forth their point of view. they don't have to be polarizing but maybe in the moment we are in they are expressing a certain polarization. i am more concerned that fewer and fewer americans are watching. >> that is the case. few yer fewer are watching in the broadcast and cable networkings. but there are so many other resource us. you have the internet energy
9:54 am
in ways that you can cherry pick different issues that you want to focus on or speakers that you want to listen to. >> that's right. maybe we ought to in the future try to get a better handle on broadcast and cable tv viewership and internet viewership and radio listenership. maybe it is sort of the better than we think. >> and peggy, we really appreciate you joining us with your insight it is always great to have you here. come back again so we can pick your brain about what is going on with the campaign. >> thank you, uma very much. and moving along. clint eastwood made's stir with the gop convention speech . tongue in cheek pay back the cowboy is getting for the famous empty chair. that cowboy being mr. east
9:55 am
eastwood . dry mouth may start off as an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products
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>> hey, everybody. well, show you the cardboard cutout of hollywood icon clint eastwood has overlooked california highway and now another cardboard cutout joins him, this one of the invisible president obama or perhaps it's just a chair.
9:59 am
the empty chair was made famous by the actor's rnc speech a couple of weeks ago. during the speech he asked the invisible president why he didn't keep the 2008 promises. telling his hometown newspaper his convention speech was a last minute idea. >> i don't want to knowing that he can come home safely is just the greatest. whoo. >> an emotional reunion for brook, and a surprise of her life when she saw the man cross the floor gym and didn't cross her mind that it could be her dad. and he hasn't seen his daughter in two and a half years and the afghanistan and iraq veteran is spending a few days at home with his family before rejoining his unit in new york. and that's it for me here in washington and kelly wright and jamie colby standing by with the latest on that tornado watch that's covering the entire new york city region. and the

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TOPIC FREQUENCY New York 8, Obama 8, Romney 7, Massachusetts 5, Virginia 5, Uma 5, New York City 5, Bill Clinton 4, Pentagon 4, Paul Ryan 4, Mitt Romney 4, Florida 4, Mccain 4, Clinton 3, Philadelphia 3, California 3, Ronald Reagan 3, Washington 3, George Bush 2, Clint Eastwood 2
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